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  2. Taxi - Get your taxi at the Taxi HQ ( shown on the map with a yellow car icon). - Head over to the yellow circle and go on duty. You'll get calls from other players or NPCs who show up as yellow dots on your map. To get NPC in your taxi, drive near them and honk your horn. They will get into the vehicle. - You can also get buses at the bus station (icon looks like a big black bus) across from Pillbox Lower Entrance. So you can even do tours or do a public transit bus route!
  3. General Basics: You can pick which civilian job you want to do at the City Hall. Weazel News - Head to the Weazel News HQ (Red Garage Marker in the middle of Los Santos) - Head to the garage and add vehicles to your fleet, then take them out to drive - You'll get notifications of certain events to do live coverage - Citizens can also call you to give tips on stories - Get a $1000 bonus for every written article posted in Weazel News Discord, get a $1,000 minimum bonus for Video Content posted in there (bonus determined by story) Important Commands and Keybinds: /camera - brings up the camera prop, press E to get the Weazel news overlay /mic - brings up microphone
  4. General Basics: You can pick which civilian job you want to do at the City Hall. Tow is part of the Mechanic profession. Tow - Get your tow truck at the tow yard, shown on the map with a hook in southern Los Santos. Add it to your fleet, then you can take it out. - For Hook tows, you can use the vehicle menu from your player menu to lower and raise the tow. - You will eventually be able to lock the tow yard and impound cars there and charge people to get them back. Important Commands and Keybinds: E - Used to lock/ unlock the tow gates. "/tow" and then "G" - puts vehicles on/ off the flatbed tow trucks. (make sure your truckbed is right in front of the front of the hood of the vehicle you're trying to tow) 5 [numpad] - lowers hook on hook tow truck 8 [numpad] - raises hook on hook tow truck Player menu > vehicle menu > detach tow
  5. General Basics: You can pick which civilian job you want to do at the City Hall. Mechanic - Get your supplies and parts at Otto's Auto Parts. You'll need the Basic Mechanics Socket Set and Standard Screwdriver to perform mechanic work. - You can practice mechanic work for other players at any mechanic shop with blue circles. Mirror Park Auto Repair (located on W Mirror Drive in Mirror Park- block 6026) Auto Exotic (on Elgine Ave) Flywheels (Sandy Shores- burning wheel icon on map) - You can also sign up for mechanic missions at Mirror Park as well. This will give you tasks to complete to earn money. You will need the Repair Tool Set to do this (also found at Otto's Auto Parts)
  6. You can pick which civilian job you want to do at the City Hall Commercial Delivery - Head to the Delivery HQ in the Vinewood area, just south of the Pacific Standard Bank. Ignore the delivery icon visible at the docks! - At the loading dock you will be able to enter the warehouse. - You'll get a list of items to deliver from the office. You can grab some things from the warehouse or from other shops. - Grab a delivery truck of your choice outside where the yellow arrows are - Take the items to the yellow dot on your map - You can also get orders from players. It may be a good deal to work with mechanics for delivering parts!
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