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  1. The following is a guide to customizing the appearance of MultiPlayer (MP) avatar and the use of the Barber Shops located around the city. It covers: Getting Started with your Avatar's Appearance Visiting the Barber Shop Correcting Graphical Glitches Getting Started With Your Avatar’s Appearance Using the {DEL} menu, select the exact skin for the MP avatars: mp_m_freemode_01 for male characters mp_f_freemode_01 for female characters Select Player Model, hit {Enter} Select Exact Skin, hit {Enter} Enter the skin names as above, hit {Enter} Also in the {DEL} menu, customize the Slots and Accessories "Slots": 0: head (Faces) 1: mask 2: hair 3: arms 4: legs 5: parachute (Includes backpacks and dufflebags) 6: feet 7: neck accessory 8: undershirt (Includes belts and badges) 9: body armor 10: clothing logos 11: shirt/jacket "Accessories": 0: hat 1: glasses 2: ears 3: Defines Nothing 4: Defines Nothing 5: Defines Nothing 6: left wrist 7: right wrist Use the {Left} and {Right} arrow keys to navigate between Slot or Accessory number. Arrow {Down} to the first slider row, and arrow {Left} or {Right} to navigate between options. Arrow {Down} to the second slider row, and arrow {Left} or {Right} to navigate between additional color or pattern choices for the selection if available. The third slider row does not have a defining effect. Use your arrow keys to scroll through each slot, and move the top slider to the right once, and back to the left in each of the 11 slots. This will remove all additional items from the freemode character and allow you to see them in their basic form without the masks, backpacks, etc. Once you have removed all the additional items, your freemode skin will be in its most basic form and you will able to more easily perform your character customization more easily. {Backspace} returns to the base menu and select Exit to leave the character customization. Time to head to the barber shop! Visiting the Barber Shop The barber shops around the map offer the same options to help customize the look of your character. Additionally, changing the character at the barber shop will fix any mis-match between the face skin color and the rest of the body. This is where you get rid of the red marks on your Freemode Character's face via the blush options. Barber Shop locations are found via exploration but are located in each major part of San Adreas. The closest barbershop to City Hall is about 3 blocks West, and 2 block North as pictured below.  Stand on the green circle in the Barber Shop to enter into the menu: Navigate the menu by using the {Up} and {Down} arrow. The first (and recommended every) time you use the Barber Shop, go to Face first. If you do not set the face first you will have graphical issues such as flickering or color changing hair. Arrow {Down} to Face. Arrow {Right} or {Left} to navigate between the face options. The body skin color will also change. Hit {Enter} to toggle between skin shade colors that may be available for each particular face. Arrow up and down to select between other options. {Left} and {Right} arrow navigates between options. You can go back and forth between options. {Enter} navigates through color or pattern choices. You can only cycle forward and then the options will restart from the beginning to view again. Once your character’s look is set, simply {Esc} out of the menu and walk away from the green circle. Your character will be charged for the changes made automatically. Make sure you have enough money in your wallet to pay for it or your appearance will revert back. If you enter a barbershop and look through options but make no changes, you will not be charged. Correcting Graphical Glitches In the case of a graphical error upon loading into the game (typically defined by your avatar having a different face and green hair), head to the nearest Barber Shop: Navigate to the Face option in the Menu Arrow {Left} or {Right} to go to another face option and then arrow back to your preferred face. Exit the barbershop. You should not be charged.
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