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  1. This is the section to ask questions that you have about the Security Guard Job. I am in the process of working on a basic guide to give you what you need to start your Guard RP. 1. Will Security be allowed use of radio? If so, is it just the Discord security Channel? 2. Should security be in a security uniform? (ANSWERED: "security should be in security uniform unless it's privatized for an event or something" 3. When responding to the store robberies and individual is fleeing, is security allowed to chase until the cops take over? 4. Will security be able to legally request tow for illegally parked vehicles? 5. Are security allowed to charge players for the use of the parking lot? (Answered " they are allowed to charge players for use of the parking lot " 6. Can a player buy handcuffs from a security guard or would that make the security guard crooked? Further questions and answered till be updated onto this first post.
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