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Season 5 Mechanic Guide

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General Basics: 

You can pick which civilian job you want to do at the City Hall. 


- Get your supplies and parts at Otto's Auto Parts. You'll need the Basic Mechanics Socket Set and Standard Screwdriver to perform mechanic work. 

- You can practice mechanic work for other players at any mechanic shop with blue circles.

  1.  Mirror Park Auto Repair (located on W Mirror Drive in Mirror Park- block 6026)
  2. Auto Exotic (on Elgine Ave)
  3. Flywheels (Sandy Shores- burning wheel icon on map)

- You can also sign up for mechanic missions at Mirror Park as well. This will give you tasks to complete to earn money. 

  • You will need the Repair Tool Set to do this (also found at Otto's Auto Parts)

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