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Season 5 Tow Guide

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General Basics: 

You can pick which civilian job you want to do at the City Hall. Tow is part of the Mechanic profession. 


- Get your tow truck at the tow yard, shown on the map with a hook in southern Los Santos. Add it to your fleet, then you can take it out.

- For Hook tows, you can use the vehicle menu from your player menu to lower and raise the tow.

- You will eventually be able to lock the tow yard and impound cars there and charge people to get them back. 

Important Commands and Keybinds: 

E - Used to lock/ unlock the tow gates.

"/tow" and then "G" - puts vehicles on/ off the flatbed tow trucks. (make sure your truckbed is right in front of the front of the hood of the vehicle you're trying to tow)

5 [numpad] - lowers hook on hook tow truck

8 [numpad] - raises hook on hook tow truck

Player menu > vehicle menu > detach tow

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