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LAST UPDATED: January 27th, 2020

Community Rules 

  1. No personal insults, verbal attacks, bullying, or harassment of any kind outside of roleplay. This results in removal from the Whitelist and for larger offenses, a community ban. This includes all forms of social media and direct messaging.
  2. No trash-talking other players or the server on Streams. Please remember that the majority of the server streams, so even if you do not, what you say can be heard by perspective members, new members, and Admins.  Airing personal grievances with the server on Stream or in character is not constructive. This also applies to Stream chats.
  3. All OOC issues should be handled in Discord or discussed with an Admin.

Server Rules & Guidelines

  1. No RP that violates the Twitch Community Guidelines (rape, erotic RP, etc). 
  2. No use of Hacks, Exploits, or Glitches. This also includes Handling Files that override ones on the TLSRP server.
  3.  Conduct yourself respectfully. Conflict is vital for RP, but make sure that you don't let your temper be the best of you. Respect your fellow players, Admins, and Devs, follow the guidelines set by the staff, and don't let personal anger out in game.
  4. Value your life.  You must hold value of your own and others lives. For example, if you’re being held at gunpoint by multiple people, drawing a weapon would result in almost certain death. Running from gun point could result in your own death.
  5. No RDM (Random Death Match). Words before bullets. You must engage verbally with someone before using lethal force so that they have heard you. Keep VOIP distance in mind!
  6. No breaking character. Think of how your character would react to situations, what cars they'd buy, etc. The primary focus of this server is Role Play, therefore you must stay in character at all times. Play true to what that means for your character. Sometimes the RP will go your way and sometimes it won’t, but if you keep the RP in character and on the server, everyone will have a good time. If you must refer to Discord or Server- related issues in character, Discord can be referred to as 'the government website' and server actions can be referred to as 'the government is doing ____'.
  7. No childbirth/pregnancy/ miscarriage RP. The GTA V universe does not have children portrayed for a reason: no possible depicition of violence towards them.  We would rather err on the side of caution and follow this approach as well.
  8. Players are to pick one (1) job path that matches their character history/profile/etc and refrain from switching jobs in order to gain access to resources they would otherwise not have. With the limited exception being specific roleplaying events where this may make sense. (Eg: Pretending to be a security guard for a specific RP event, etc)
  9. When you are in a job that has a duty vehicle or uniform, be *in* that duty vehicle or uniform. Eg: Ambulances and EMT Uniforms for EMT, Repair or Tow Trucks for Repair, Taxis for Taxi, and so on.
  10. No meta gaming/ stream sniping. You cannot utilize information acquired outside of character and apply it in character. Examples: starting a bank robbery and then stopping it after seeing on a Twitch stream that police are on their way, starting a character that knows everything your previous character knows, showing up to a place after seeing people are there on a stream, etc.
  11. No pre-existing characters from popular media. You can draw inspiration from them, but exact characters or similar characters with different names are prohibited. Be original characters
  12. Do not create a super character. A character that knows how to do everything robs others of RP in those specific roles. In making sure to follow this rule, we also open up opportunities for other characters and their specialties to serve a purpose. EMTs having extensive medical knowledge, lawyers being able to help you with your charges, and so on. Your character does not know the server rules or the game mechanics. Your criminal character does not know the Police SOP as extensively as your police character. Your slender backwoods rabble rouser shouldn’t be able to lift as much as a world class weightlifter, and so on. 
  13. No power gaming. This includes, but is not limited to: logging off while being pursued or detained by police, forcing a player who is being robbed to drive to the bank and then stealing all of their funds, using "/me" to force a player to perma without previous consent, using out of game mechanics for situational advantage, etc. 
  14. Downed Players: 

    If your character is downed and you need revived or choose to respawn, you cannot return to the scene of your death as long as there is active RP ongoing. 

    Speaking/noise-making while unconscious is per player discretion, however context and cause of injury must be taken into account. Falling from a great height, head trauma, multiple gunshot wounds, for example, would render a person unconscious and thus unable to speak. Tripping over a shoelace, or getting shot in the foot, might not. 

    If EMS/Police are alerted, they will first look for life signs before attempting to revive. If the downed player is not speaking or otherwise reactive, they will type “/me checks pulse.” You must either indicate “/me has pulse” if you wish to be revived, or “/me no pulse” if you wish to permadeath. If you indicate no pulse, EMS/Police will transport your body to the morgue, where you can change characters. In some cases, the server’s doctor may contact you via discord to gather RP evidence at player discretion. 

    If you choose to perma, please create a post in the #obituaries Discord channel. 

  15. No cop baiting. This includes but is not limited to: purposefully trying to draw police into a high speed chase for no RP reason, shooting guns to lure them to your location for no RP reason, etc.
  16. No use of third-party application such as Discord, Team Speak, Skype, etc while Roleplaying. (Except for Police/ EMS radio use on duty)
  17. No breaking into the Military Base or going to the Battleship. You wouldn't do this in real life.
  18. No broadcasting music via VOIP without agreement from all parties present.
  19. Do not attempt to utilize the LLC system to claim ownership over “Enterable” special locations such as the Vanilla Unicorn, TequiLaLa, and so on - these special structures will be added to the purchasable corporations as the economy matures. You are however free to utilize it to claim regular non-enterable businesses.
  20. You cannot identify another player for a crime solely based on their voice. Recognize that not everyone can alter their voices for different characters, etc. 
  21. Please limit yourself to 5 personal vehicles (not counting job vehicles).
  22.  If you are in game, you should *not* be in any stream that is on the server. We understand you want to support your favorite streamers, but sadly not *everyone* is trustworthy 100% of the time. Don't idle, don't sit in paused mode -just don't be in a stream if you are on the server. The only exception to this being the admin team, who often need to investigate or monitor things.

Criminal Rules

  1. There must be at least two (2) cops on duty to rob a bank. Heists (Union Depository) require at least four (4) cops. 24/7 Stores and Jewelry Stores should not be robbed without any PD / Security (at all) on duty. If the correct number of police are not on duty, you will not be able to trigger said robberies. This is to encourage more organic criminal activity. 
  2. Group sizes are limited to six (6) people. Groups are defined as: Any organization sharing a collective goal, operating in conjunction to prevent/enable a specific outcome, or collaborating to control specific resources. Close groups of friends or outliers to an organization/group/clan/gang count towards the group total. Groups shall not own more than two (2) corporations within a given season at one time. This is to prevent mechanics being locked off entirely by one organization, and preventing non-affiliated players from utilizing them. Corporations purchased prior to this rule being integrated will be grandfathered in.
  3. Your character does not know the server rules or the game mechanics. Your criminal character does not know the Police SOP as extensively as your police character. 
  4. No power gaming. This includes, but is not limited to: logging off while being pursued or detained by police, forcing a player who is being robbed to drive to the bank and then stealing all of their funds, using "/me" to force a player to perma without previous consent, using out of game mechanics for situational advantage, etc. 
  5. Crimes and convictions - whilst the law enforcement will do their best to charge for the actual crimes committed at times it may be possible that the wrong person serves time. The highest ranking officer's say is final in all cases. The goal is to make the process as quick and painless as possible for both sides of the law. 
  6. When your character is placed in jail or prison, you must either serve the full sentence on said character via either time in game, or not playing that specific character at a conversion ratio of 1 Year (12 months) to 1 Day IRL.
  7. If you feel that you are being unjustifiably fined or given time to serve, please reach out to an Admin.
  8. When a player kills/uncons another player with the clear intent of "permaing" (aka murdering) another player - they subject themselves to the following:
    • The Police Department will attempt an investigation, if they acquire enough evidence to charge the killer with the crime of murder a murder trial will be held.
    • An impartial Admin will serve as judge for this trial. During the duration of the trial (and leading up to), the character charged with the murder will be remanded in custody.
    • If the Prosecuting Attorney is able to prove guilt beyond a reasonable doubt, the sentence for Murder in the First Degree ( any intentional murder that is willful and premeditated with malice aforethought.) is life imprisonment. If they are unable to prove this, the judge will find the defendant Not Guilty and the charges are dropped.
  9.  Lethal force against locals will be treated the same as lethal force against players. Do not try and bypass server mechanics through killing locals (shooting them out of their car because you are too lazy to use the carthief job)

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