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Here's a list of hotkeys, slash commands, and general mechanics of the server. Looking for something specific? Hit CTRL+ F to search the page for a specific word.


- { ~ } (US) / { @ } (EU) -  Access your player menu
- { , } -  Makes the character go into an animation of getting on their knees and putting their hands behind their head.
- { - } - Left blinker 
- { + } - Right blinker 
- { E } - Opens gates and doors that your character has the key to.
- { H } - Adjusts car headlights / Adjusts roof on convertible car / sells drugs to NPCs
- { K } - Buckles/ unbuckles your seatbelt. Look in your lower left HUD, if SEATBELT is green, it's buckled. If it's red, it's not. 
- { N } - Default Push-To-Talk (Changeable in Settings > Keybinds > GTA Online > Push to Talk)
- { P } - Brings up the game's map.
- { Q } - Brings up mini map while on foot/ take cover.
- { R } - Reloads gun/ melee with weapon
- { T } - Brings up the chat input to use for text-based commands and /me (see below for text-based commands).
- { X } -  Raises hands
- { F1 } -  Brings up visual inventory system
- { ARROW DOWN} - Rolls windows down
- { ARROW UP} - Rolls windows up
- { BACKSPACE } - Clears prop emotes. 
- { CAPSLOCK } - Sets speed limit cap
- { HOME } - Allows you to view the current player list
- { Shift + C } - Crouch/ uncrouch your character. 
- { Shift + Z } - Crawl on the ground
- { TAB } - Brings up the visual inventory system hot bar (5 items)
- { PAGE DOWN} - Lock/unlock vehicle
- { PAGE UP } - Toggle  VOIP distances: 

  • Whisper - use this when you only want to be heard by someone right next to you.
  • Normal - can be heard by fair group of people near you.
  • Yell - only use this when you want to make sure you're heard like during police encounters or player conflict.

Text Commands:

- "/emotes"  lists all possible text-based emotes (emotes are also available in your player menu). [In-process list of emotes] (thank you to @Gwynnish)

"/e [emote name]" - Starts emote animation. Click the attachment icon for a list of /emotes:  

- "/e c" - Clears emote animation. (Backspace clears prop emotes)

- "/binoculars" - Brings up the binocular feature and view. 

- "/lock" - Locks/ unlocks vehicle 

- "/hat [on/ off]" - Puts your player's hat on and off. 

- "/glasses [on/ off]" - Puts your glasses on and off. 

- "/cash" - Shows how much money you have in your pocket in the upper right of your screen. 

- "/skins" - Allows you to change your character skin and add accessories

- "/rollwindow [status] [window]" - Allows you to roll windows down in your car

- "/911 [Info]" - Calls emergency services. You can also do this through your phone in the player menu.

- "/311 [Info]" - Calls police for non emergency issues. 

Custom Keybinds
For / commands and / emotes
1. Press F8
2. In F8 console type: 
    bind keyboard[keyboard key you want to bind][command name you want to bind in ""]
    bind keyboard o "e foldarms2"

Now every time I press o I will do the foldarms2 emote

NOTE: Make sure to unbind before binding that key to another command. Otherwise, the key will be bound to two commands and execute them at the same time.

These key binds are persistent and will save to your client, clearing cache will remove them. 

Creating A Character

You are free to use the NPC models available in game for your character. However, be aware that someone may already be using that skin with an active character so be open to potentially changing skins. 

**All freemode customizations are currently done at the circle in front of City Hall while a new one is being worked on.**

"/skins" command allows you to change your character skin and add accessories. Only useable while in a barbershop. 

1. Select "Player Model"  

2. Go to the "Slot" section, use Left and Right arrow keys to browse the different skins. 

3. Hit Enter when you've found the skin you want. 


Some Premade Skins have appearance options (not all though). If they do: 

  1. Use the {Left} and {Right} cursors (keyboard) to navigate between Slot or Accessory number.
  2. Cursor {Down} to the first slider row, and cursor {Left} or {Right} to navigate between options.
  3. Cursor {Down} to the second slider row, and cursor {Left} or {Right} to navigate between additional color or pattern choices for the selection if available.
  4. The third slider row does not have a defining effect.


"Choose Slot":

Clothing Stores

The clothing shop lets you fine tune your character's clothing. Marked on map with t-shirt symbol. Only usable by freemode skins.

Barber Shops

The barber shops around the map offer more options to help customize the look of your character. Type "/skins" while in a barbershop to pay $100 to update your look. Additionally, changing the character at the barber shop will fix any mis-match between the face skin color and the rest of the body. *Make sure to set your face first!*

Marked on map with scissors symbol. Only usable by freemode skins. 


Changing Characters

Changing characters will bring you back to the Character Creation/ Selection screen (pictured below). You can change characters at the following locations:

- When logging in for the first time
- All housing
- City Hall
- Police Stations




More vehicles are being added to the server. Vehicles will run out of gas and can be refueled at gas stations. Lowing your windows down will help you be heard more easily as well.

Lower-end vehicles are purchasable at Mosley's in South Los Santos on Strawberry Avenue. Indicated by mosleys.png icon. 

Flywheels Garage up in Sandy has unique cars that any redneck would love. Indicated by the flywheels.png icon 

PDM in central Los Santos on Power Street (near block 3212 / Legion Square across from the Ammunation) is a player-owned and run car dealership where you can get more advanced vehicles. 


Can be purchased at Sanders Motorcycle shop, located on Adam's Apple Blvd, near the Tram station. Indicated by motorcycle.png  icon


Bicycles are purchasable, rentable, sellable, and storable at three main locations shown on the map with bikes png.png  icon.

Vespucci Sports (sells BMX, Cruiser, Scorcher, and various race bikes)
Mr Spoke's Bike Rental (sells the Cruiser)
Paleto Mountain Bikes (sells the Scorcher)

Job Vehicles

Job specific vehicles (e.g. Taxis, Tows, News Vans, etc) are added to your fleet. You can store them and pull them out of your job's garage location.

Storing Personal Vehicles

Vehicles can be stored at most major parking lots with security booths throughout San Andreas. If your car is out and you want it transferred to a garage/ parking lot, you can pay a $2,000 fee to do so. 


Available Housing
- Motels ($500): cheapest form of housing. Comes with storage (100kg) and closet for outfit storage.
- Apartments ($5K, $10K, $20K+): Comes with storage (300kg) and a closet for outfit storage.


- Open interiors to be added and made purchasable as business index is developed. 
- Register business name at Commerce Building ($500 minimum) 
- Amount of capital in business dictates how much dirty money you can launder in a day
- Tiers of businesses to be implemented 

- Ammunation: Buy legal weapons 
- Car Wash: Get your vehicle cleaned.
- Banks: Deposit and withdraw money
- Barbershops: Change your face, hair, and complexion for $100
- Bars: Purchase alcoholic beverages and some foods
- Benny's: Player owned and operated repair and custom shop for your vehicle. 
- Convenient Stores (24/7 & LTD): Buy food, drinks, and misc items.
- Clothing Stores: Change shirts, jackets, pants, shoes, hats, and glasses
- Fast Food (Horny's, Burger Shot, Cluckin' Bell): Purchase food and drink to replenish hunger and thirst easily
- Gas Stations: Fill your cars up with gas. 
- Liquor Stores: Purchase alcoholic beverages for mixing as a bartender
- Los Santos Customs: Get your vehicle's cosmetics fixed.
- Mechanic Shop: Player operated shop to repair your vehicle's engine 
- Smoke on the Water: Sells medicinal marijuana cigarettes 
- YouTool: Buy misc tool items. 


You can purchase legal firearms at the “Ammu-Nation” locations and limited illegal firearms at the black market locations scattered throughout Los Santos. Rumors have it that some citizens of Los Santos also may be in the business of building, and selling illegal weapons at competitive prices. (Hint: We mean players here - in case it wasn’t obvious)

In order to keep out of trouble with local law enforcement, be advised - citizens are only authorized to carry class 1 and class 2 weapons. Class 3 and above are illegal (but perfectly okay as far as server rules go) so if you choose to carry or deal in them, be prepared to deal with the RP costs of the action. 

Class 1: Melee weapons, Taser
Class 2: Pistols, Antique Firearms (Not currently implemented)
Class 3: Assault Rifles, Submachine Guns, Shotguns
Class 4: Long Rifles (Snipers)

Note: Your weapons will disappear if you change player skins. Be sure to store weapons to add them to your inventory if you wish to keep them. 

Medical Aid:

Getting Revived

If you are rendered unconscious while playing, you will be able to press [ E ] to notify emergency services (PD and EMS). You will be given a counter to tell you how long you have to wait until you can choose to respawn where you will lose your inventory. Additionally, a player can drag you and take you to a nearby hospital or shady vet clinic for you to pay $750 and get care. However, please value the RP and role of EMS and Doctors and utilize their service as often as possible. 

Non Emergency Aid

If you can't find a doctor or EMS, but would like a temporary health bonus, you can buy Deludamol painkillers over the counter at Pharmacies across the map. Medicinal weed is also available at Smoke On The Water by Leslie's Lifts.

You can also visit Pillbox medical center and check in for a hospital stay for $750. Additionally, if you're a criminal, you can visit shady 'veterinary hospitals' in Paleto and Grapeseed and pay for healing there.

Doctors on the server will also have advertised clinic hours at two of the hospital interiors we have on our server: Mount Zonah in Rockford Hills and Pillbox Medical Center near Mission Row.  If you need medical care but missed the EMS or Doctors when you got injured, or want to transport yourself to the hospital for treatment, you can do so, but it will follow the same fee-for-service system as explained below.


You are able to have one legal job and one illegal job. Civilian 'job' does not pay. 

Legal Job Opportunities: 

  • Commercial Delivery
  • Mechanic/ Tow
  • Tow / Mechanic
  • Taxi Driver
  • Weazel News Reporter
  • Security
  • EMS  (Whitelisted Occupation. Please reach out to Admin if interested. Please provide medical/ any RP experience in message ) 
  • Doctor (Whitelisted Occupation. Must be EMS first)
  • Police (Whitelisted Occupation)
  • RP - Unique and creative roles are also welcome and encouraged.

Illegal Job Opportunities: 

  • Car Thief (locations & process discovered via RP) 
  • ATM Hacker
  • Drug Dealer (locations & process discovered via RP)
    • Crack 
    • Meth
    • Weed (only sold illegally player to player)
  • Robbing store cash registers 
  • Cracking the safe in the back of convenient/ liquor stores. 
  • Laundering dirty money (acquired by robbing stores, selling drugs, or chopping cars) through your business


Skills/ Aptitudes 

- Hacking ATMs increases Computers Skill 0.1 every successful hack
- Cooking Crack increases Chemicals Skill 0.1 every cook
- Meth cooking requires Chemicals Skill of 2 or Greater
- Cooking/Refining each component of Meth in the Lab increased Chemicals skill 0.1 every iteration

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